January 22, 2021

Keychron K1 V4: A smooth, low-profile mechanical keyboard for Macs

With regards to consoles, it’s a serious abstract subject, and we as a whole have our very own inclinations. For instance, I lean toward mechanical consoles, since I love feeling each key as I press them, ensuring that the keystroke is enlisted. I likewise appreciate the “clickity clatter” sound that mechanical sheets give, however the sound fluctuates incredibly relying upon the sort of switch that you use. Be that as it may, paying little mind to switch type, I simply prefer to hear myself (as well as other people) type.


Since the time I got my Keychron K2 V2, I can’t see myself returning to utilizing my MacBook console until kingdom come. Yet, for a great deal of Apple clients, the console of decision is by all accounts the Magic Keyboard, which I just have encountered through the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard. While the Magic Keyboard is okay, I figure everybody ought to at any rate attempt a mechanical board.

The Keychron K1 V4 is a position of safety mechanical console, so it resembles a mixture between an Apple Magic Keyboard and an all out mechanical. In case you’re a Magic Keyboard client who needs to have a go at doing the switch, I think the Keychron K1 V4 is the best board to begin with.

The Gateron Low Profile Browns actually have a similar activation power as customary Gateron Browns (55g±15g), the movement separation is extraordinary. Gateron Low Profile Browns have a pre-travel separation of 1.5±0.5mm and all out movement of 2.5±0.5mm, which is not exactly the K2 (at 2±0.6mm and 4±0.4mm separately). So the Low Profile switches actually require a similar measure of strain to press, however have less separation to go before the keystroke registers. I saw this when I originally exchanged throughout and it required some investment to become acclimated to, however composing feels somewhat simpler on the K1, as I have less mistakes.

What’s more, despite the fact that the Gateron Low Profile Browns are a material switch with a delicate sound, I feel that the K1 is much calmer than my K2 with Browns. I for one incline toward the sound of the K2, yet in the event that you need something that is all the more peaceful yet mechanical, the K1 is incredible.

The position of safety keycaps on the K1 V4 are agreeable to type on, however they use ABS plastic. They have a bend to them, so your fingers fit pleasantly into them as you type.

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